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Parent Resources

Sending a student to college is a major life event for families as well as students, and it is important to think about career development and how to improve your student’s chances of obtaining a job after graduation.

Researchers have found that close relationships with family help students adjust to college life, make effective career and relationship choices, and develop self-confidence and a sense of personal autonomy, all important attributes to successful career planning and development.

Therefore, we believe it is critical for parents to understand, support, and encourage their students to take advantage of the opportunities available to them in the Career Center.

Getting involved

As a parent, you can get involved in several ways:

  • Encourage your student to visit us and to “come early and come often” to learn more about the services we offer.
  • Encourage your student to participate in career-oriented events that prepare your student for success after graduation.
  • Stay informed on internship possibilities and opportunities.

Indiana Tech offers many new and exciting events and opportunities for your child.

Knowledge is power

Below are some of our most popular resources for parents. You can also check out our career resources page for several more helpful resources for you and your child.

Additional information

For a list of commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ page. You can also contact us at any time with any question that you can’t find an answer to on our website.